Hello Everyone.  Great finals yesterday.  Congratulations to all the finalists.  In Div. 1, Lomas won a terrific game over Purple Hyacks.  This game came down to the last minute of play, but the point margin was too much to makeup for Purple Hyacks.   Great game to watch.

Div. 1 prizing: Lomas gets Div. 1 trophy, new Baden Elite ball, refreshments, toques  (I had a cooler as well, but forget to hand it out).  Purple Hyacks get new Baden Elite ball, refreshment, toques.

In Div. 2, Patrick Chewing won a great game against Hoosiers.  Hoosiers had the lead for quite a while, but Patrick Chewing came through in the end.  This game didn’t have the same flow as the Div. 1 final or the Div. 3 final, but tremendous energy by both teams.  Going forward, Div. 2 finalists must move up to Div. 1 for Fall 2016.  We’ll review and discuss this through the season, but this is the plan so that all Div. 2 teams are aware of it.

Div. 2 prizing: Patrick Chewing gets Div. 2 trophy, new Baden Elite ball, refreshments, toques (I think).  Hoosiers get refreshments, toques.

In Div. 3, All Day won a terrific game against Regulators.  Like the Div. 1 final, this game had great flow with the teams taking turns maintaining small leads.

Prizing: All Day gets Div. 3 trophy, new Baden Elite bball, refreshments, toques, cooler.  Regulators get refreshments, toques.

Special thanks to Brian from Blaze for donations of refreshments, toques, and coolers.  Brian has come through for us for more than a decade.  Please get to know Brian and thank him individually if you can.  Also, thanks to Jeff from Blaze for giving us a deal on the Baden balls.

Thanks to all the other teams for playing through their exhibition games and completing their round robin.

Thanks to Brian from Soft Tacos for always being there to support the website and the league in general.  This is another guy that players should get to know as he has also supported the league for more than a decade, maybe two decades.

Thanks to the three community centers for supporting this league.  Erik at Kerrisdale, Janice and Sam at Kits, and Joe at Sunset.  Thanks also to the respective building supervisors at each center.

Finally, thanks to all the players.  We had a terrific season.  I have finally been able to get some balance in my family life with my new son, so it’s nice to feel that I can continue to run this league.  I was a bit worried there for  a while, but players and the community centers.have been very helpful, which has made my job easier.   I am working on the Spring schedule at the moment, and it looks like we’re going to have a very competitive season with almost all teams back (only one not returning), many teams developing more complete rosters, and four new teams.  Thanks again everyone.  Enjoy Superbowl weekend, and stay posted for updates on the Spring season, which will start 14th Feb.  Biraj