Hello Everyone.  Just a short update.  Games continue to go well, so please keep this up.  Cleanup needs a bit more attention, but it’s not bad. Also, I wanted to continue to encourage teams to get uniforms because it does make a difference.  One more item — I sent an email out to the captains earlier during the week.  Please read below:

Hi Captains. I wanted to review our games at Sunset. Please read the following, and please ensure your team-mates know what to do. Biraj

1) Each Sunday, I fax a scoresheet and a schedule to Sunset. The monitor for the first game should pick up these two sheets from the front desk. If it’s not there, please ask them for it, as it will always be there. It may be in the fax machine, and they haven’t picked it up. Please ensure you use the scoresheet and not blank pieces of paper.
2) The last monitor should either phone in the scores or email them to me. Best is to email them to me. The scoresheet can then be recycled.
3) Every player at Sunset needs to ensure that the gym is free of garbage and recycle after each game, whether the garbage or recycle is yours or just happens to be there. The last two teams need to ensure that we leave the entire gym free of garbage and recycle, similar to what we do at Kits and Kerrisdale. It’s not easy for me to get there to do this, so I rely on the players. So far, no real issues as Joe at Sunset has been pretty happy with the league. He helps with cleanup, but we need to do this ourselves as it’s our responsibility. Joe is just being nice to us as he very much supports our league.
4) There are two scoreboard options at Sunset currently. One is the manual flipboard, which apparently hasn’t been used or needed. The other option is the portable electronic scoreboard, which has been used most of the time. There was an issue with the remote, but Joe has replaced it. Please ensure you know how to use this scoreboard, and please use it.
5) I’m working on getting a wall scoreboard for Sunset. Against odds, but possible.
6) It’s important to maintain good relations with Sunset as, in addition to getting the scoreboard, I’m trying to get more gym time there. It’s a challenge just to keep our program there as there is a big demand for the gym.
7) Thanks to the players so far who have played at Sunset. Things have gone reasonably well.
Thanks. Biraj

See you on Sunday.  Biraj