Hi Everyone.

Scores and Standings: The standings are updated, however, the scores have yet to be updated because of a glitch in the web posting process – I will update as soon as possible.   Games were great except for a couple of defaults, one due to “No Monitor”, and the other due to a team being short a player.  In the latter case, a game was played with borrowed players, which was great, but because it was a Div. 1 team, they could not use Div. 1 subs.  In the former case, please note that a “No Monitor” is a game default.

Social:  Corey has been doing a terrific job rounding up teams and players for the social, and it looks like she’s getting great response.   Please continue to support on Social, and please make it easy for Corey to pull this together.  Thanks.

Kerrisdale Floor:  The floor was redone last week, so we will have a newly finished floor for our playoffs!

Playoffs: We are now only one game away from finishing the schedule.   In some cases, next week’s games will determine whether a team ends up in the top 6 or the bottom 4 in the respective Division.  For the playoffs, we will split into the top 6 and bottom 4 in each Division.  There is a slight change in playoff structure.  For the bottom 4 teams, we’ll do a round robin with a final and consolation final as stated previously.  But for the top 6, we’ll now also do a round robin based on feedback from upper Div. 1 players.  I had originally wanted to do this, but didn’t want to take the season into June.  However, I will try and structure the round robin so we finish 01 June.  We could go to 08 June, but I’d like to avoid this if we can.  As far as the round robin for the top 6, I will structure it so that the top two seeds play the last week of the round robin.  This way, the final game of the round robin could potentially serve as the respective Divisional final.  No problem if it doesn’t.  We’ll have to see how things go.  But I think this structure will work well as it gives more teams a chance at the respective Divisional championship. 

Let me know if you have any comments.  Have a great week.  Biraj