Hello Everyone, Great finish yesterday.  Congratulations to Hyacks for winning Div. 1 and the league.  Congratulations to Wild Rice for winning Div. 2, and congratulations to Los Locos for winning Div. 3.  And congratulations to Small Town Kids, Baraj, and Tenacious D for making the finals in their respective Divisions.  Baraj was unlucky yesterday as they had two significant injuries (knee).  Both players had to be taken away by ambulance (same ones).

We’ve now completed our Spring 2014 season.  It was a bit long, and we tried a new round robin format for the playoffs.  I’d like to get some feedback on this format as the plan is to retain this format for both the Fall 2014 and the Spring 2015 seasons.  My own opinion is that it works, and we should retain it, mostly because it keeps the three Division structure and because it uses all 32 weeks over the year available to us.  The playoff round robin may be a bit drawn out, but it allows teams to compete until pretty much the last week.  Please provide feedback as soon as possible.

As far as Divisional movement, Wild Rice will move to Div. 1, and Los Locos will move to Div. 2.  I will work out the rest as soon as I can.

So thanks everyone for a great season and a great year.  Most things seemed to have gone very well.  We do have a few things to work on, and I plan to have a captains meeting (maybe 2), whenever I can get players together.  One of the things on my mind is to tighten up the league play in Div. 1 – game start times at Sunset, observance of KBL rules, etc….  I think this is partly happening because I rarely see the Div. 1 games since I’m mostly at Kerrisdale.  Sunset has taken away 30 minutes of our gym time, and I’m in the process of debating them to get that time back.  Div. 2 and 3 seem to work well, especially Div. 3.  But overall, we’re in great shape.  I’m anticipating three or four new teams next season, so if we don’t lose any teams, we should end up with a 12 teams per Division structure.  Let’s see.

Have a great summer, and please don’t hesitate to chat with me or email me through the summer before we start registration in early August.  Thanks everyone. Biraj