We had our first meeting in a long time on Wed. evening.  Good turnout, and thanks to the players that attended – very helpful to the league:

Jordan (Purple Hyacks), Claude (Titans), Brian (Soft Tacos), Brian (Blaze), Corey (Blaze), Sean (Abusement Park), Mary (Hoop-la), Tiffany (Nashty), Ned (Rim Touchers), Ryan (Jammers), Tyler (Butta), R-Town, Jackson (Hoosiers), …

More players should have attended, but nevertheless, I think we accomplished some good for the league.

Notes as follows. Rule changes from the meeting will be implemented as of the next game:

1) Tentative playoff schedule discussed. Proposed 5/5 even split per Division. Two equal groups of 5 teams per Division. Group 1 could be teams finishing 1,4,6,8,10 in the current round robin, and Group 2 could be teams finishing 2,3,5,7,9. Players seemed to prefer last year’s format with each Division split into two Groups with Group 1 having the top 6 teams and Group 2 having the bottom 4 teams. Players were asked to think about it and return their preferences via email
2) Divisional movement discussed. General consensus on top 2 teams in Div. 2 and Div. 3 moving up to the respective Division, and the bottom two teams in Div. 1 and Div. 2 moving down to the respective Division.
3) Zone discussed. Dismissed because it isn’t practical for a co-ed structure.
4) Illegal defence discussed. Defender must be seen to be defending identifiable offensive player. Okay to straddle key stripe on one side of court if ball is on opposite side of court.
5) Borrowing players discussed. Current format confirmed. Limited borrowing, and only in exceptional circumstances – to avoid a default. Div. 1 may borrow from Div. 2 and Div. 3; Div. 2 may borrow from Div. 3; and Div. 3 may borrow from Div. 3. Key borrowing criteria is to avoid a default.
6) Possession turnover criteria discussed on calls such as traveling, double dribble, palming, etc.. There must be agreement for possession turnover.
7) Game times discussed. Games must start on scheduled time. Clock starts at 1pm at all centers regardless.
8) Rosters discussed. All players must be on rosters. Cannot remove players from rosters if they have played already. Can add unlimited number of players (really shouldn’t exceed 20). Each player beyond 13 players pays $6.50. Email new players info to Biraj, but follow up with updated roster, or send full updated roster identifying additional players.
9) Discussed no shows for monitoring. Default penalty for missed monitoring removed. Instead, penalty is now $50 per missed monitoring, taken off the $100 deposit. On third NM, penalty is a default. Not discussed, but two PMs (partial monitoring) equal one NM.
10) Defaults – one default, lose a tie. Two defaults, current penalties stand, however, more discussion needed. Monetary penalties?
11) Refs discussed. Felt league was okay without them. Refs would cost money, extend the games, and interfere with the flow of the game.
12) League social discussed. Also plan for a regular league hangout on the first Sunday of each month, starting 02 Nov., at Ceilis in Kits (7th and Burrard). Start time – 6pm.

Thanks again to those who attended.  Biraj