Hi Everyone.  Good set of games on Sunday and Saturday.  We had a busy weekend of games as we made up a game from 16th Feb. (Tenacious D/Cold Shoulders), and played two out of fiver 06 April games, which needed to be rescheduled because of the floor waxing scheduled for that day.  We will probably need to makeup up the remaining three games on a Saturday or a doubleheader on a Sunday.  The scores and standings are now posted.  Note that I’ve included points for and against just to see if it is of interest.  I was curious myself, and the info does show differences between the Divisions.  I will try and keep this info updated.

Although the games have been going well, there are a few issues.  Please respect the rules as the league relies on player cooperation to ensure the games go well.

1)      Reminder about “no grey shirts”.  Players must have white shirts or dark shirts.  There is no tolerance for anything else.   This rule has been in existence since the league’s inception almost 20 years ago, and its’ very basic to the league.   Generally, it’s not the intention to be strict, but rather to ensure that the games go smoothly.

2)      Monitor.  We must have monitors show up.  No excuses.  Last week, I monitored a good chunk of two games, in addition to monitoring three full makeup games – it’s too much for me, and I can’t be doing this.  The penalty for an NM is a game default.  Again, there are no excuses.  I hate to default teams, but we just can’t have monitoring no shows.

3)      Kits game schedules:  Often, the Kits games are behind schedule.  At Kits, we have a hard stop at 9:20 pm, so if the early games are late, it compromises the later games.  Many of you responsibly consider the later games and make the effort to keep the games on schedule.  But some of you are too casual with game times.  The onus is particularly on captains, but players can freely assert themselves to keep the games on schedule.  I will try my best to get to Kits, but it’s difficult as I have building responsibilities after 5:30pm at Kerrisdale and cannot leave until after the last game there.

4)      The basketball itself is reasonably smooth, so please keep up the good play.  Many of the games are great to watch and really well played – thanks to the many players, particularly the captains.

5)      Divisional movement.  — The current plan is as follows:  The winning teams in Div. 2 and Div. 3 will move up one Division.  But the second team will be determined by a lottery of the teams that finished 1 and 2 in the regular season and the finalist in the Divisional championship game.  If the teams finishing 1 and 2 in the regular season are also the finalists in the Championship game, then both finalists will move up.  Otherwise, we’ll do a lottery.  With regards to moving down a Division, the two teams at the bottom of Div. 1 and Div. 2 will move down a Division.

6)      Playoff structure.  The tentative plan is for the top 6 teams to play a knockout with the top two teams getting a bye, and for the bottom four teams to play a mini round robin.