Hello Everyone.   Games continue to go well.  Thanks for the ongoing monitoring and cleanup.  I want to especially thank Phil and his Hospital Drunk team-mate for their exceptional help last Sunday at Kerrisdale as they almost did the entire cleanup including putting back the mats, hockey nets, and scorer table.  They didn’t leave me much to do, which allowed me to leave Kerrisdale early.  Thanks.

There was one issue last week that I need to communicate to everyone.  In the Div. 3 game between Tenacious D (TD), and Hoop-la, there were two issues, which were resolved over the past few days with many email exchanges:

1) Hoop-la started with only 3 guys, but when one got injured, they subbed in a woman for about 5 minutes (exact time varies depending on who I spoke with).  The injured player subbed back in and finished the game.  TD requested a review of the rules, which I did.  The result was that I had to default Hoop-la because when you start with only 3 guys or 2 gals, if any one of them gets injured and you are short either a guy or a gal, you must default the game.  This wouldn’t have been the case had they carried 4 guys.  Please see quoted rules below:

8) In case of injury or other circumstances where a team started with at least 4 guys or 3 girls, but is left with only 4 players through the game, the team may replace the injured player with another of equal or lesser strength or play with 4 or less players. Technically, teams must play with their own players. Game is not a default even if they play with 4 or less players because they started with at least 4/3. However, if a team started with only 3 guys and/or 2 women, game is a default in case of injury – see below.
9) If a team brings only 3 guys or 2 girls and cannot finish the game with the same 3 guys or 2 girls, the team will default the game.

11) Teams may play with 3 women each for a very brief period – say 5 minutes, but not in the last 3 minutes; this is only allowed if both teams have a minimum roster of 4/3. This is just to give keep some flexibility within the league.
4) If a team brings either only 2 women or only 3 men, this is a minor penalty. Four such occurrences equal one default. Please see section on Minor Penalties – 6.0.


2) The second issue involved over aggressiveness by one of the TD guys, which could have called for a suspension of some sort or a team default.  I discussed this with both captains, and we agreed on a default as per the rule below.

6) In the case of physical misconduct such as an extreme intentional foul with no play on the ball where a player is strictly “going after” another player, the organizer may choose to suspend the player for a “to be determined” number of games. As well, the team will default one game (organizer’s discretion) – if they are losing the current game, they will default the next game. Please note that because of the subjective nature of these types of incidents, the organizer has discretion with suspensions and defaults. The organizer will do his/her best to be consistent with these types of penalties. It’s important to note that the league doesn’t tolerate such behaviour, therefore, the inclination is to remove such players from the league

So the end result was a double default, which bot teams accepted.  Fair communication by both teams in the emails.

The main reason I wanted to communicate this to the league is to ensure that all teams show up with at least 4 guys/3 gals.  Penalties aren’t the answer, and I don’t like handing out penalties.  The rules are there to really help ensure a good game, and unless there are good rosters on both sides, the risk is that something like the above will happen when you bring only 3 guys.  So please bring enough or more than enough players.

Thanks and see you on Sunday.  Biraj