Hello Everyone.  Games continue to go well.  Cleanup and monitoring are also going very well.  One issue that did pop up is that some of the Div. 1 players are playing around with the rules and implementing their own versions.  We have to stop this.  For example, there is no limit to the number of contests, and apparently, a few of the Div. 1 players were misinforming others that there was a three contest limit.  Please follow the rules on the website.  There are no other rules.

The standings look pretty tight in all Divisions, so the games will get more and more interesting from a standings perspective.  I did notice that the average scores in Div. 2 have slipped quite a bit from previous seasons where the average scores are very close to the Div. 3 averages.  Div. 3 is pretty strong this year, so that may partially account for this change.

Thanks to the teams that now have uniforms.  This makes a big difference, so I’m hoping other teams will do the same.

I do want to make a comment about some of the bumping in the post position. There seems to be more and more of this, particularly with new players coming into the league. I know some of this bumping is standard in the NBA, especially with isolated “one on ones”. However, I wanted to discourage this as much as possible. This is just a test of physical body mass, and I don’t think it helps the spirit of the wide open running game that is central to this league. I also noticed that it brings other players to a standstill while two post players bump away. It also isn’t that interesting to watch. There isn’t anything specific in our rules about this, and I’m not sure I want to insert anything at this time. I would prefer that we focus more on the running game that is central to the spirit of this league. Hopefully, this makes sense.

We’re approaching the halfway point in the season, and again, I think things have gone really well.  Please keep up the good games, cleanup, and monitoring, and I will see you next Sunday.  Thanks. Biraj