Great games on Sunday, except for a couple of defaults.   We’ve now completed our regular season.  Congratulations to all players for a fairly smooth regular season.  I should comment here that Div. 3 made it through with no defaults, while Div. 2 had 3 defaults, and Div. 1 had 2 defaults – congratulations to all the Div. 3 players, particularly the captains.  With regards to the standings, congratulations to the teams that made into the top 6 in each Division.   We’ll now move onto a round robin with the top 6 and bottom 4 in each Division.  I hope to have a draft schedule out to the captains by Thursday at the latest.  As the weather gets better, the risk of defaults gets higher.  Please ensure that you do not default, and in the worst case, please ensure that there is always a game.  Hopefully, this round robin playoff format works out well.  If so, we will look to use it next Fall.  Good luck with the playoffs – and, not sure how many you follow the Raptors – worth watching this lone Canadian team as they start their playoffs.  Have a great week. Biraj