Hello Everyone.  Please see notes below sent to captains this week.


19 Feb. 2016

Hello Captains. Just a short note with a few guidelines for Sunset. Since it’s often too difficult for me to go to Sunset, I rely on the players at Sunset to manage the gym and games. Here are a few key guidelines:

1) Each Sunday, I fax the Sunset scoresheet and a schedule for the day and the following Sunday. Either the monitor of the first game or a rep from either team should pick these sheets up at the front desk. So far, this seems to be working well.
2) The last monitor should email me all the Sunset scores at birbor@telus.net. It’s also okay to leave a message at my home at 604-738-2333. This reporting of scores has not been working very well as for most weeks I find myself chasing the scores, and I don’t usually get them until Monday afternoon. I need the scores Sunday night.
3) Beginning April, there will be an additional game at Sunset. Please ensure you check the schedule as the timing of the last game varies.
4) During the games, there should be no bball play on the sidelines. This works very well at Kerrisdale and Kits (from what I’ve been able to gather at Kits — Kerrisdale is a non issue because I’m usually there), so the same guidelines apply to Sunset.
5) Generally, all spectators should be outside the gym, especially spectators not connected to the players. However, I’m assuming it’s okay for player connected spectators to find a viewing spot inside the gym? I don’t see a problem here, but I have had complaints about league outsiders in the gym. If you see people who shouldn’t be there, please let the front desk know, and let me know if it doesn’t get resolved.
6) Games should follow the KBL rules for everything as per website, i.e., grey shirts, defaults, monitoring, fouls, contests, dunking (absolutely no touching the rim for any reason, air dunks are okay – the ramifications are serious), etc. The rules are not to be compromised by agreement between players, i.e., if one team has only girl, that game is an automatic default and teams cannot agree to count the game for any reason.
7) Please ensure cleanup after each game and at the end of the last game. This includes all gym cleanup.
8) Please keep me posted if there are issues with the scoreboard. Sunset will likely have a wall scoreboard this Fall, thanks to our push to get one.

Generally, the games seem to be going well there, however, I don’t have that much visibility other than complaints from time to time. If issues do arise and need to be dealt with quickly, please text me at 604-813-0889. Most times, I cannot answer the phone, however, I can respond to texts. Thanks. Biraj



18 Feb. 2016

Hello Captains. Just a reminder that players can play on one team only. A few players (and surprisingly captains) assumed they could play on different teams as long as they were in different Divisions. You can’t. Players are signed up only on one roster. The sub rules are separate and only allow a rare substitution to avoid defaults. Biraj


17 Feb. 2016

Hello Captains. Apologies for this email. One of the Div. 2 teams, Cold Shoulders, has dropped out, which has created a bit of a headache. I was a bit afraid of this as this veteran team had not registered prior to season start. I let it go thinking the veteran captain would come through, but he didn’t. So I’m left without a Div. 3 team, and it’s too late to juggle the 13th team in Div. 3 over to Div. 2, which would have worked really well if I knew last week. However, a new captain, Christine has volunteered to pull a team together, and she may just save the day. To make this work, she needs a few more players, mostly guys. I’ve passed on as many players as I could to her, but at this point, there is no such thing as too many players for her as I don’t know how many will stay. If any of you have any extra players, could you please email me. I’ve also included Christine in the captains email group. Thanks. Biraj