Hi Everyone.  Games continue to go well.  Believe it or not, we are almost at half way in the regular season.  Games are very competitive and reasonably well managed.  The standings are now starting to take shape.  Div. 1 and Div. 3 standings are a bit polarized, while Div. 2 seems to be fairly even.  There are no big game issues at the moment.  The new teams seems to have adjusted well, and the games seem to be very enjoyable.   Thanks to the various teams for sending in roster updates.  Deadline for changes (mainly additions) is 02 Nov. (this should reduce my email volume quite a bit – I look forward to it!).  Also, it looks like we will have a final Div. 3 team – the Wildcats roster seems to have come around this week – I just hope it sticks.   Thanks to everyone for continuing to clean up the gym areas.  Have a great week and see you on Sunday.   Biraj