Great games again yesterday based on the few games that I watched and feedback from players.  We’re now at the halfway point in the first round robin for all three Divisions – Div. 1 – we’re a bit past halfway.  So far, there don’t appear to be any real issues, with most players, if not all, pretty much in sync with the rules.  Point scoring in Div. 2 seems to be lower than usual for Div. 2 suggesting that Div. 2 may be closer in strength to Div. 3 than usual.  Div. 3 seems to be a bit stronger this year as well.  I’d like to see Div. 2 get closer in strength to Div. 1 so that overall Divisional movement is smoother, but we’ll just have to see how things play out.

Please note that we need to make sure that we show up for monitoring.  Two teams were fined $50 each yesterday for monitoring no shows – Nashty and Hospital Drunk.  Fines are one thing, but it’s a real problem when a game doesn’t have a monitor.  I’m not into monetary fines, but we’ll continue with our $50 deduction for monitoring no shows.

Sunset scoreboard.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve been trying to get Sunset to get a wall scoreboard, without success.  However, there may be a bit of an opening as Sunset may be open to my proposal to fund raise for a scoreboard.  The issue is that we’re the only program at Sunset that needs a scoreboard, so unless we take some initiative, it’s probably not going to happen.  Cost of a reasonable scoreboard would be around $3500 to $7000.  Joe at Sunset has taken my proposal to the board, and I may know this week if we can go ahead and fund raise.

Please continue with the great games, and please help with cleanup whenever you can.  Generally, cleanup is good, and I should thank Corey and Blaze for ensuring cleanup at Kits each week.  I’m assuming the teams at Sunset are doing a good job with cleanup as I’ve not heard any complaints from Sunset – thanks.  It’s important that we clean up all garbage and recycles, and not just our own.  The more we do this after each game, the less of a pile there is to deal with later.  Also, it’s great to see some teams with new uniforms.  I encourage all teams in the league to get some type of uniform as it’s very helpful for the games.  Thanks, and have a great week. See you next Sunday.  Biraj