Hello Everyone.  Good set of games on Sunday.  The games seemed well played, and great job with the monitoring.  We’re on our way with the playoffs, and each week we will get closer to seeing which teams could win their respective Divisions.  Reminder that no new players can enter the league.  Teams bringing in new players will be defaulted out of the playoffs.  So far, no issues as captains have done a great job with using lower Division players when needed.

A few players have asked about Divisional movement for next season.  Because of the new playoff structure, it’s a bit early to finalize team movement, however, certainly the winners and finalists of Div. 2 and 3 will move up a Division.

The league social was held on Saturday, and I heard it went well.  My apologies for not making it, although I had planned on being there.  I am a bit forgetful these days, but hopefully in time I will be back to normal.  Please see note below from Corey who put in her usual huge effort to make the social happen:

“Thank you all of the players who attended the KBL Social on Saturday night. We had about 40 to 50 people come out to support the event which was greatly appreciated. A special thank you to Kalisha of Usual Suspects for assisting in hosting the event and donating some G/C from The Colony, and also a big shout out to Brian from Blaze who donated numerous door prizes. An event like this can never be successful without support from the players from the League. Lomas made it out this year, along with Rim Touchers, Blaze, Abusement Park, RTown and Usual Suspects…thank you to the Captains. Good luck to everyone during the Playoffs.”


As well as the social went this year, I think we will move away from holding socials at sponsor pubs, which we’ve done for the past 12 or 14 years.  We will continue to support sponsor pubs, however, we may try a league specific event if players are inclined to try this.

Have a great week, and see you Sunday. Biraj