Hi Everyone. Sorry for the delay in sending this update. Although it’s getting harder for some teams to field full teams as we approach summer, and also because we’ve had a couple of long weekends, we’re still doing very well as a league. Good playoff games on the weekend. As of last Sunday, all the “B” Division teams have now finished their season. The round robin seems to have worked out for this group, although I would like to get some feedback as this is the first time we’ve tried it. Congrats to Wasted for winning Div. 1B, Benchwarmers for winning Div. 2B, and Yeeea Boyee for winning Div. 3B, and thanks to all the “B” Division players for some great games. One question that has come up is which teams will move down. I’m not sure at this point because there are two round robins to consider. Most likely, I will weight the regular season round robin more than the playoff round robin, but I will wait till the season is over to decide. I will run it by a few captains before making any decisions.

With the “A” Divisions, we’re down to the last game of the round robin this coming Sunday. Out of the 6 teams in each Division, the top two teams will make the finals, and the others will finish their season next Sunday. With Div. 3, we’ve come up with a formula based on the standings to possibly allow completion of the playoffs next Sunday without playing a true final game. The formula depends on the scores this Sunday.

As mentioned, some teams have roster challenges because we’re almost into June. Nevertheless, please hang in there. If you need subs, “B” Division players is a good source of subs as they’ve finished their season. Let’s have a great finish before we break off for summer. There are prizes for the top two teams in each Division, with a Divisional trophy for each Division. And as always, Brian from Blaze will donate some refreshments for the finals. Have a great week. Biraj