Hello Everyone.  Great games yesterday.  Thanks again to Christine for pulling together the Chillax team to replace Cold Shoulders and round out Div. 2.  No big issues with the games, however, a number of small items to take care:

1) Please ensure that players do not wear grey or light coloured shirts.  It’s either a dark shirt or a white shirt.  This is a message that needs to be sent frequently, but we’ll keep at it until we get everyone on board.  Without the proper coloured shirt, you will be pulled off the court.  I encourage teams to get uniforms as this helps the games quite a bit.

2) Cleanup.  Some teams and players are very helpful, while others aren’t.  I don’t like reminding teams to help out, so please remember to pick up garbage and recycling after every game (all of it including what’s not yours), and especially after the last game.  As well, any help putting away things like hockey nets and mats at Kerrisdale would be much appreciated.  At Kits, we need to be out of the gym before 9:30 pm, so there’s a bit of pressure there to clear the gym.  At Kerrisdale, the sooner we clear out, the sooner I can get to Kits – no rush, but to clear out in good time.  And at Sunset, I think there is enough time to clear the gym without rushing.

3) Fouls — please be conscious of your tone when calling fouls or contests.  It doesn’t need to be hostile.  Just a simple sounding call will do the job.  Also, contests can be used for calls other than fouls such as travelling, double dribble, palming the ball, etc..

4) Jump ball goes to the team whose defensive end the jump ball occurred.  Therefore, it’s not worth trying to try to tie up the ball — the defensive end team will always get the ball.  The intent of this rule was to keep the game moving.

The above are some of the items to take care of.  Generally, many players are very conscious of trying to do the right thing, and it’s great to see this.  Have a great week, and see you next Sunday.  Biraj