Hi Everyone. Great games yesterday – a few key games, all of which were really well played. The final playoff standings are now posted, and the Divisional matchups are also posted. As mentioned previously, only the finalists will play next week.  However, there will be drop-in at Kerrisdale from 1pm to 4pm – for league players only.  Please bring your own balls.

In Div. 1, it will be Lomas vs. R-Town. R-Town had to win a tough game against Usual Suspects yesterday to clinch their spot in the final.

In Div. 2, it will be The Regime vs. Nashty. The Regime had their hands full against a Cold Shoulders team that battled back from being 24 points down to almost put them in position for a spot in the finals. Very exciting game.

In Div. 3, it will be the Hoosiers vs. Los Locos, both of whom are looking forward to a move up to Div. 3. Los Locos battled all season to do well in Div. 3 to get themselves back to Div. 2. They did it. Really well done.

So we have some great matchups next Sunday. Please try and come and watch and support these finals. It really helps the finals atmosphere, and it really helps the league. I try every season to get people out to the finals, and I keep hoping that one of these days, we’ll get a great showing. Either way, I will keep encouraging people to come out and support this exciting afternoon of basketball.

As far as next season, I will have more to say after this coming Sunday. Several captains have asked about Divisional movements. Assuming the current number of teams, Hoosiers and Los Locos will move up to Div. 2, All Day and Studeo55 will move down to Div. 3, Catalina Winemixers and Titans will move down to Div. 2, and Nashty and The Regime will move up to Div. 1. But other than Los Locos and Hoosiers moving up to Div. 2, other movements will depend on a number of factors including how many teams register for the Fall. I would also like to survey the top Div. 1 teams to see if these teams would be willing to play within a smaller Div. 1 of 6 to 8 teams, which would mean more games against each other. Assuming these Div. 1 teams are willing, there is the possibility of expanding Div. 2 to 14 or 16 teams, thus allowing teams that prefer to stay in Div. 2 to stay. I will sort this out over the next couple of months. In the meantime, let’s give the finals the attention it deserves.

And lastly, thanks to Corey for pulling off the social, and of course thanks to all the players who attended. I came for a bit, but had to leave to look after my little guy. But I, nevertheless, really enjoyed being there. I think Bimini’s is a great venue for our socials. See note from Corey below regarding the social.

“The KBL Social was a great success. Thank you to all players that came out to The Bimmany. It was very nice to see some new teams attend and of course the usual team supporters.

I would like to give a big thank you to Brian and Sam from Blaze for donating prizes and also a large thank you to Biraj who provided us with a donation for some gift certificates. All players were very appreciative. We had a 50/50 draw and $77.50 will be donated to the BC Canadian Cancer Society.

The Social’s don’t run themselves so I would like to thank the following teams for coming out: Abusement Park, Lomas, Hoopla, Rim Touchers, Blaze, Regime, Cold Shoulders, MP Ballerz, Butta, and Patrick Chewing. I would also like to thank Biraj on behalf of the League for a great 20 years. Thanks again for all of your support.”


Thanks everyone for the getting us fairly smoothly thus far.  We’ve got a great group of players, and based on interest from new players and teams, we might be a slightly bigger league in the Fall.  Let’s see.  I will continue my hunt over the summer for one more venue, which could make things even more exciting.  Have a great summer to the players who have finished, and I will see the finalists next week.  Thanks. Biraj