Hello everyone.  Great games on Sunday.  I had a chance to drop in at all three centers yesterday, and everything seemed to go pretty well.  I want to thank Corey (Blaze) for her diligence with cleanup at Kits and her overall commitment to the league.  Kits was spotless when I left it after the last game there.  As mentioned previously, the league has been doing a terrific job with cleanup, so we’ll just continue on and focus on the basketball.

For the A Pools in each Division, we’re two games into the playoff round robin with three more games to go.  All teams still have a chance of getting to the finals, so don’t give up if you’ve lost the first two games.  For the B Pools, there is only game left before we go the finals.  However, these teams also have three more weeks of basketball remaining with the last week being an inter-division set of games.

One reminder to all teams that you cannot bring in any new players.  If a team does bring in new players, even if this is discovered after the fact, that team will default and the new players will be removed.  There are insurance issues with these unregistered players, and we cannot risk the ramifications.

Overall, the basketball is great, and hopefully, everyone is enjoying the season so far.  Enjoy the holidays and see you back on 11 Jan. 2015.  Thanks for making this league work. Biraj