Hi Everyone.  Great playoff games.  The round robin structure seems to be working with closely matched games for the most part.  The A Pools in each Division have one more playoff round robin game left next week.  The top two teams in each Pool will then play the following week (08th Feb.) for the championship in each Division, and these will be the only games on 08 Feb.  Note that we’re off for Superbowl Sunday.  The B Pools will play their last game of the season next Sunday.  Note that some of the team movements have already been decided.  In Div. 1, All Day and Jammers will move down to Div. 2.  Similarly, Los Locos and Hoop-la will move down to Div. 3.  Movement up will depend where the A Pool teams finish next week.   The teams in the finals will move up a Division.

We seem to be running fairly smoothly thanks to many of the players who do a great job managing their games and helping the league with cleanup.  There are specific individuals who have gone out of their way to help out.  I will mention them at a later date, but for now, there is great support from many players in the league.

Spring 2015 registration is ongoing.  Please try and register as soon as you can.  The sooner I can get teams registered, the sooner I can set the league structure and schedule.  We’ll definitely continue with the three division structure, however, the number of teams in any particular division may change, i.e., we may end up with 11 teams in Div. 2 and Div. 3.

Please don’t hesitate to send in comments.  Any feedback is much appreciated.

Have a great week, and see you next Sunday.  Biraj