We had a great set of finals today.  In Div. 1, Lomas won a one point game over R-Town.  The game came right down to the wire with R-Town having an opportunity to tie the game on a foul shoot with 2 seconds left.  However, there was some confusion with the situation, but nevertheless, played out fairly by the players.  Most importantly, it was a terrific game, and a real pleasure to watch.  Unfortunately, a “monitor no show” didn’t help the game as I was forced to monitor.  Congratulations to both teams.

In Div. 2, Nashty won another tightly contested game over Regime whose normal 3 point shooting was really tested today.  A very competitive and fair game.  Both these teams will move up to Div. 1.

In Div. 3, a relentless Hoosier squad won over a talented Los Locos team.  Both these teams will move up to Div. 2

As far as divisional movement, it will partly depend on how many teams register next season and from which current division.  Let’s see.

A few notes to ponder over the summer:

1) I would like to encourage teams to get uniforms (reversibles) for next season, using the same dark/white guideline that we currently use, i.,e., don’t get grey reversibles.

2) I did a survey last week amongst the Div. 1 captains regarding Div. 2 movement to Div. 1, and whether a smaller Div. 1 with only core Div. 1 teams would work.  The majority voted for a broader Div. 1, so we’re going to have to stick with our “winners go up, losers go down” system.  One option to help the reluctant Div. 1 teams is to have the lower Div. 1 teams play in Div. 2 for playoffs.  This may get confusing, but I will think about this over the summer.

3) We could use sponsors to donate prizes such as gift certificates as organizations such as restaurants aren’t as willing to donate prizes like they used to.

4) I’m looking to add another gym, so if anyone has any contacts, let me know.

5) We will need to institute some guidelines for level of play in the respective divisions such as not allowing Div. 1 level players to play in Div. 3.  I don’t think we need to make any rules, but just keep some guidelines.  Also, we should try and get the Div. 1 level individual players that are scattered throughout the league to consolidate into Div. 1.  I think this will help get rid of some of the reluctance from Div. 2 players.

6) Please thank your captains.

Thanks for a great season,and enjoy the summer – see some of you on the tennis courts.  Biraj