Games seem to be going pretty well as we approach the playoffs. But before I proceed, I wanted to make a point about t-shirts. On Sunday, I got into an exchange with one of the teams about not wearing a white shirt. You won’t win this argument, and you must follow our rules if you want to play in this league. Players must bring a white shirt and a dark shirt to their games. If a player is not wearing the appropriate colour shirt for that game, that player cannot be on the court. Since I mostly spend my time on Sundays at Kerrisdale, I don’t have the opportunity to see the games at Sunset or Kits, although I do catch part or all of the last game at Kits each Sunday. At Kerrisdale, I have routinely pulled players off the court for the wrong coloured shirt, and to the credit of the players at Kerrisdale, the players have respected the rule and adjusted as necessary – I have rarely had to get into a discussion with the players. Yesterday was a bit surprising, thus forcing me to make the point here. Be prepared to get pulled off the court if you don’t have the right coloured shirt – you should be pulling yourselves off. As simple and minor as this rule is, please do not minimize it. This isn’t pickup, and agreement with players on opposing teams on T-shirts or other similar matters is meaningless. Like it or not, it’s the rules, and we are not above our rules.

There are probably other things I need to discuss such as frequency of subbing between Divisions, game subbing, etc.., but I will leave them for now and talk about the playoffs a bit. We’re down to one game left in the regular season for Div. 1 and Div. 3. The top 6 teams for Div. 1 seems to be set, however, the top 6 for Div. 3 will come down to the last set of games. Div. 2 regular season will continue on for three more weeks before playoffs.

The playoff basketball should go pretty smooth based on the regular season basketball. We’ve had a really good season again so far with a lot of flow to the games. I speak mostly for the games at Kerrisdale, but based on player feedback, the Kits and Sunset games also seem to have gone well. Over the next few weeks, I will try to get over to Sunset and Kits to get a better sense of how things are going at these gyms.

Keep up the good basketball, and really pay attention to our rules. Our rules have been developed over years based heavily on player feedback, and they work. I should also mention that, believe it or not, this is our 20th year. I’m amazed that we’ve kept things moving so well, so I thank the players, especially the long-time veterans (a few have been in the league the whole stretch) and the community centers for their respective roles in keeping the league running well. Perhaps at our social this year, we can have some type of 20 year celebration. Please help Corey pull off the social, which is tentatively set for 30th May. Have a great week, and see you on Sunday. Biraj