Good games so far. The deadline for roster additions has now passed, which means that no new players can enter the league until we finish the season in early June. If teams are stuck for players, teams may borrow from lower Divisions as per our borrowing rules. Please be careful with this because “illegal subs” will result in defaults of both; a) the team using the sub, and b) the team the sub was from. These defaults can be “after the fact” since it’s impossible to monitor these substitutions in every game.

Thanks to Vertically Impaired and Hoop-la, particularly the Vertically Impaired players as they took care of most of the cleanup at Kerrisdale on Sunday, which made it really easy for me.  Any help after the last game at Kerrisdale is welcome.  Thanks.

The basketball seems to be going really well as many of the games are very closely matched. One of the games (Blaze/Scorpions) went to double OT on Sunday. Please continue with the good play.

Rules: I noticed sometimes that teams ignore fundamental rules of this league, and this includes veteran teams. For example, each team must play 3 guys/2 gals at all times. You cannot sub a girl for a guy and vice versa. I’m not sure where this is coming from, but I’ve caught this a few times recently. Another rule that is often missed is that sometimes a player will call a travel or a double dribble or a charge, or some other similar technicality on an opposing player and will assertively assume possession. You cannot do this unless both players agree to the call. The majority of the time, you probably won’t be able to turn the ball over because you won’t get agreement whether you like it or not. But we need to be fair, and this is where we need to develop our own integrity and basketball knowledge on the court.  One way to approach this is to just check with the other player.  Usually, there is a better chance you will get the call and possession.

Have a great week and see you next Sunday. We have now officially crossed the half way point in the league. BIraj