Hi Everyone.  I sent the following emails out to the captains yesterday and this morning. Please review and discuss amongst yourselves.  Thanks.  Biraj

Hello Captains.  I need you guys to make sure that no new players or unregistered players step onto the court.  It’s impossible for me to check on this, so I really have to rely on the integrity of the captains on behalf of the league.  Because it’s hard to check on this, the penalties are stiff.  For starters, you will lose your entire deposit if I find out a team is using unregistered or new players, and this is retroactive.   As well, the team’s season will come to an abrupt end.  This league relies on the integrity of its captains and players, otherwise, we would need to spend a lot of money on setting up checks to ensure integrity.  The liability issues with unregistered players is too significant, and we’re long past the point where a team can add new players.  Thanks.  Biraj


Hello Captains.  As we approach the end of the regular season for Divs. 1 and 3 and begin the playoff round robin for Div. 2, our Contest rules are at the forefront of many close games.  I’ve had some complaints, which is prompting me to write this note.   Basically, our Contest rules like everything else in this league is based on integrity.  If you can’t play with integrity, you shouldn’t be playing in this league.  Some players, and perhaps some teams, are “pre planning” or strategizing to Contest in close games.  I’ve overheard some conversations, so I know this is happening.  You can’t do this.  Yes, sometimes, it’s very hard to know if it’s a clear foul or not, but in these situations, you have to give, and not take.  You have to be generous, even at the cost of losing the game.  This league is about getting in a good run.  Winning and losing are also part of it, but it’s more about the run.  Sometimes, games can get very competitive, which is absolutely fine.  But if we cannot manage the competitiveness, we need to take a step back.  Thanks.  Biraj