Good games continue.  Notes as follows:

  1. Reminder to bring only dark and white shirts. Grey is not dark.
  2. The following note was sent to all captains regarding sideline activity during games:

Hello Everyone.  This is a message to all teams that play at Sunset (almost all Div. 1 for now).  I have not been able to get there yet, however, I will try to get there in the next couple of weeks.  I’m not sure how everything is going there, but I’ve been told that many teams are not respecting our house rules to hold the ball until your respective game time.  For those that don’t understand what this means, it means that you do not bounce the ball, you do not play against the ball, you do not sit dribble, etc…  Just leave the ball alone until your game time.  Some players may not like this rule, but that’s too bad.  If you want to play in this league, you must respect our house rules.  I’m not into penalties as my focus is to facilitate enjoyable basketball.  But if we do need to implement penalties, they won’t be light, and they will be team based.  We could start with defaults and go from there.   Therefore, please respect our house rules.  House rules are reasonably well respected at Kerrisdale, and I’m assuming the same at Kits, although I don’t see too many games at Kits.  Generally, one of the key reasons why our house rules don’t get respected is because many captains seem oblivious to them, although some captains are terrific and go beyond in their assistance to this league.  Captains – you must manage your players.   Thanks. Biraj

3. Borrowing rule change: As of this coming week, Div. 3 players will not be allowed to borrow from Div. 3, which means that Div. 3 cannot use any players outside of their own team.

4. Many players have a different understanding of tone of a foul call or the tone of the game.  Some players feel that an aggressive vocal call is normal.  Other players make a call that is barely noticeable.  Some players feel a certain level of aggressiveness is normal to our game, while others feel that our league is an opportunity to run and play without the hassles of officiating.  This latter point essentially captures the spirit of our league.  Please ensure that the focus remains the game and not anything else like foul calls, bench noise, loudness, etc… Most of the games are played this way, which is terrific.

5) We are halfway through our first round robin, so it’s probably time to start thinking about playoffs.  We will do a second round robin in each Division after we split each Division into top and bottom.  More to come later.

6) Kids — It’s okay to bring kids to our games, but please ensure that they do not run around and are seated with supervision.  Also, please ensure the young ones are kept far away from the court.  One stray ball could cause injuries.  Please do not bring your kids to games if you have not made the proper arrangements to keep the kids stationary and safe on the sidelines.

Have a great week and see you next Sunday.  Biraj