Great Spring season everyone. Thanks to everyone for playing, and congratulations to the winners in each Division. In Div. 1, Too Much Sauce won by a small margin over Fusion, Arrrgh-Town, and Wasted. Generally, the games in Div. 1 seemed to be well matched even with Wild Rice trailing the points standings by quite a bit. The overall level in Div. 1 is noticeably higher than Div. 2. The average points scored in a game is one indicator (84 vs. 71). In Div. 2, Pho Real edged out Patrick Chewing by a point. Games in this Division were also very closely matched. And in Div. 3, Tenacious D won by a point over Misfits. The round robins seem to be working in that the competition is consistent throughout the season. Although the round robins aren’t complete, they seem to work anyway. We did have a number of defaults, but considering the COVID situation, teams did a great job fielding players.

The Fall 2022 season organization is almost finalized, and the plan is to start on 11 Sept., a week earlier than we normally do. This is because of gym scheduling. Registration information will be out in a couple of weeks, and hopefully, teams will register early.

Enjoy the summer and see you in September. Biraj