Hello Everyone.  The finals schedule is now posted.  Hopefully, a few of you can come out and watch these finals and support the league.  Also, I could use a volunteer to monitor the final game at 5:30 pm. – let me know.  Should be a great Sunday of basketball.  Biraj

A few thanks at this point:

1) To Kalisha (Usual Suspects) and Colony Pub for partial donation of gift certificates and ongoing support of the league

2) To Brian (Blaze) for refreshment prizes

3) To Sunset, Kerrisdale, and Kits community centers for facilitating this league.

4) To the captains for organizing their respective teams.  This is not an easy job, and players should really be treating their captains for some good work.

5) To the players that have helped cleanup at all three centers.  This is really important as it has kept us in good standing with the centers.

6) All the players that play and support this league

Have a great week.  Biraj