Great games yesterday.  The last two games at Kerrisdale had exciting finishes.  The game between Scorpions/All Day came down to a 5 second play, which had to be redone because of confusion about a made shot.  On the redo, All Day came up short, this giving Scorpions the win.  Great finish.  In the game between Grizzlies/Butta, Butta won on a last second three pointer, which was setup nicely from the inbound.  A good inbound to the wing, and a second pass to a big man above the top of the key resulted in a big man 3 pointer for a win.  Exciting finish.  The other games seemed to go well with no issues reported.  One item to keep in mind is that no one, and absolutely no one, can step into any gym for league play without being registered at a community center.  If a team is caught with unregistered players, that team will default that game and any game retroactively, and ofcourse, that unregistered player will be removed.  Please take this seriously as there are insurance issues with not being registered.

A note regarding subs — there are no subs!  Players can only play on one team. If a player is caught playing on two teams, both teams will be defaulted.  Please take this seriously as well.

I will update the standings later tonight, but we’re moving along smoothly.  We will reach the season half way point in a couple of weeks.  By the way, thanks for completing registration as all teams are now registered. I will check on the rosters, but I think they’re all in as well (one more outstanding, but the team will have to me shortly).  Thanks.  Biraj