Hello Everyone.  Four defaults yesterday – very unusual.  All of these could probably have been avoided had I been made aware that teams were going to be short players or not showing up.  Not showing up is an issue on it’s own as there are significant penalties for this.  I’m assuming events of the day such as the Raptors game 7 and the Marathon had an effect, but unless there is a league wide cancellation of games (which sometimes does happen on special occasions), teams are responsible for fielding a team.  This is a responsibility and not a choice.  Sometimes, teams can only field a few players, maybe even just one.  Either way, if you let me know ahead of time I can do something about ensuring a game is played.

We are now approaching playoffs, starting with Div. 2 on 15 May.  As per the schedule, there will be quarter finals in Div. 2, moving on to semis and finals.  Losing teams will move in the consolation direction culminating with the consolation finals.   In the finals week (05 June), only the teams in the finals will play.

Div. 3 will play their semis on 29th May.  If possible, we will also try a Div. 1 semi on 29th May if the standings allow us to switch a couple of the regular season games depending on the standings.

Don’t forget the upcoming social as per the previous notice.  Have a great week, and see you next Sunday.  Go Raptors.  Biraj