Hello Everyone. Good set of games yesterday. The Div. 3 final was well played with Pho Real winning over KevNFriends. Both these teams will move up to Div. 2 next season. The Div. 2 semis were a bit inconsistent with a couple of defaults, which in unfortunate for the respective group semis. Nevertheless, we’re going to have two new teams in the final this year with Titans facing off against Tenacious D. Congrats to these to two teams for competing for the top.

Next week will be our last week with the Div. 2 final and a few other Div. 2 games along with the last games of the Div. 1 round robin. I’d like to also congratulate Lomas for winning the Div. 1 double round robin. The schedule didn’t allow for a semi and final, so the final standings were based on a double round robin of 14 games.

One key message I sent out to the captains last week was that there is no dunking in this league and players cannot touch the rim at all. There are hefty monetary fines for holding the rim and bringing the rim/backboard down. Although we’re just about finished for the season, it’s worth parking this info in your mind going forward.

And lastly, thanks for getting us through another long season. I will send out a summary note after next week, but I think the players have done very well it get this league through the season. A few blips as usual, but overall seemed very good.

Thanks. Biraj