Hi Everyone.  Great games again on Sunday.  A few terrific ones.  The game between Hoosiers/Vertically Impaired was won at the buzzer by a 2 point shot by Hoosiers – I watched it – very exciting.  With 6 seconds left in a tie game with Hoosiers inbounding the ball, Hoosiers managed to put up a shot that banked and went in.   Great game.  Another great game was between Blaze and Butta — well played .  Wild Rice/Abusement Park had a tight one, but I need to follow up on this one as there might have been some issues with the finish.  Good game nevertheless.

Social:  Corey will send out notices on any specials at Ceili’s.  But generally, I think we’ve established Ceili’s as our league hangout for now.

Rosters:  Thanks to the captains for updating your rosters.  Going forward, there will be no roster changes until the end of the season.  If you are short players, please use our borrowing rules.

Gym cleanup:  Thanks to the many teams that make sure to cleanup after their games.

Sunset scores:  The last monitor at Sunset needs to email me the scores or the scoresheet (birbor@telus.net) right after the last game so that I can update the scores and standings that Sunday evening.  So far, I have only received the scores once since we started the season.  Without these scores, the web update gets delayed.

We’re off next Sunday because of election activities, and we’re back 16th Nov to begin our final stretch of three regular season games.  Believe it or not, we are then into the playoff round.

Have a great couple of weeks, and see you the following Sunday. Biraj