Hi Everyone.  Good games yesterday.  We did have a serious knee injury in the first game at Kits, where an ambulance was required.  The player was taken to VGH emerg, and she is now following up with her docs – I am in touch with her.  Thanks to the players that helped, and thanks to Jeremy from Benchwarmers for contacting me.  To ensure players can reach me in such situations, I’ve sent my cell contact info to all the captains.  As a result of the injury, the games at Kits were delayed and had to be slightly shortened.  All in all, the players at Kits handled their games really well, and we ended up getting reasonable length games the rest of the evening.

Regarding playoffs, I just sent the following email to the Captains.  Assuming all the scores and standings are correct, I will wait till this evening to post the Div. 2 games along with the monitoring.  Once this is done, we’re in the home stretch towards the finals on 07th June in all Divisions.  Email to captains as follows:

Hello Captains.

Div. 2: I have now posted all the regular season scores and standings for Div. 2. I have also setup the playoff round robin for Div. 2 as shown on the Playoffs page of the website. With Div. 2, the top 8 teams made the playoffs, and this group was split into two based on 1,4,6,8 in one group and 2,3,5,7 in the second group. We’ll do a round robin in each group to get a finalist from each group who would then play for the Div. 2 championships. The finalists in Div. 2 would move up to Div. 1. The bottom four in Div. 2 will play a round robin, and the bottom two teams in this round robin will move down to Div. 3. Please check all scores and standings before I set the playoff schedule for Div. 2, which I plan to do this evening.

Div. 1 and 3: I have also posted the playoff scores and standings for Div. 1 and 3 as we continue with the playoff round robins. Please review, and please note your monitoring assignments.

The playoffs were a bit more complicated this year than usual because of the 12 teams in Div. 2 instead of 10. However, I think I’ve sorted it out. Hope it’s all correct. Biraj