Hi Everyone.  Fall 2017 season has now come to an end with the two finals yesterday.  In Div. 2, Tune Squad won a terrific game 62-60 against Rim Touchers. The game came down to a 5 second play, which ended up in a long three pointer that missed.  In Div. 3, Tenacious D led pretty much the whole way, but Air Bananas challenged the whole game.  Congrats to all four teams.

Thanks to everyone in the league for a successful Fall season, especially the captains for keeping their teams together and in line.   Thanks also to the three community centers and their staff for facilitating this league.  They all do a great job to support this league.

We now have to get registration moving for Spring 2018 as we are due to start 18 February.  We are behind with registrations, so please register asap.  Note that we cannot start until every team is registered.  I hope to have a draft schedule out later this week.  Thanks again.  Biraj