Hello Everyone. We are down to our last Sunday of basketball.  Considering the challenges of COVID, we’ve done well.  Thanks to all the players for making this league work.   Special thanks to the captains as it’s a bit of work coordinating the teams.  Thanks also to the community centers who facilitate this league, and thanks specifically to the staff at each center who have helped me each Sunday to keep the games on track.

This league has now been in operation for 27 or so years (I will have to sit down and go through my records to figure out exactly how many years).  Within those years, we’ve run at least 60 seasons of basketball.  The league started at False Creek Elementary in 1995, and then moved to Kerrisdale a couple of years later, and further expanded to Kits and then Sunset. Believe it or not, there are still a few players from our start at Kerrisdale, so they’ve been in this league for 20+ years.   Pretty amazing.  One of these players is Brian (captain of Full Metal Jokic) who voluntarily set up our website.  One thing interesting I’ve noticed is that most players in the early years were all single. But that seems to have changed as the league certainly has developed a family component.  This is great to see and in keeping with the spirit of community.  I’ve seen some players who have their kids in the league – I never imagined that for sure!

Originally, the league was pretty competitive, and it used to get pretty heated sometimes.  But that’s tempered over the years, and the league has now settled into a steady tone, which it’s likely going to keep into the foreseeable future.   One thing we did lose with COVID is our league wide socials, which we used to hold every year.  A few players were instrumental in making these events happen, and maybe with the health situation stabilizing, we might return to these events.

As with any long standing organizations, some folks leave and new ones come in.  In the past, I used to retain photographs from each season of the finals teams (we used cameras as cell phones were non existent).  However, with our current round robin formats and less focus on winning, it’s different, but we still have teams that finish on top of the standings.  Nevertheless,  I would encourage each team to retain team photos as these photos may be of interest for KBL historical records.

KBL will be back again in September, and I’m currently working with the community centers to plan the Fall season.  I don’t anticipate any changes, so if all goes well, Fall 2022 registration will begin sometime in early August.  Enjoy the last Sunday of games, and thanks again for playing in KBL.