Hi Everyone.  Most games are okay so far, however, we’ve had a number of issues that we must deal with quickly before things get worse.  As some of you know, this league has been around for about 23 years – I never intended to run a league – it just happened  – I started a pickup group with about 2 or 3 rules, and the style of play just took off.  I don’t play anymore because my body won’t allow it, but we used to run and run, and scores were routinely above a 100.  The league has run reasonably smoothly for the bulk of the stretch with a couple of bumps here and there.  My sense is that we’re hitting another bump.  Some of the play is much too rough for this league.  On Sunday, I ended up handing out multiple suspensions over a couple of games.  I don’t like handing out penalties including suspensions.  Suspensions are really warnings that if the player does not correct their play and synchronize themselves with the rules and the expected type of play, this league is not for them.  A handful of players can make things difficult for the majority, so captains need to either get their players in synch with our rules and spirit or drop them from their teams.  The league allows a fair bit of grace and opportunity to fit in, but the league can only go so far.  One of the major challenges so far is that we have lost some of our key veteran players who were instrumental in distributing good spirit and play within the play.  It’s almost as if the league is facing a development of many new players, similar to what the league needed to do when we started.   We must do this, starting with the captains.  There are many things we can do to help play within the spirit and structure of the league, and here are some of them:

  1. Read the rules
  2. Captains – introduce yourselves to each other before your games
  3. Be friendly.  Just get in a good run and enjoy your Sunday.
  4. Let things go.  If you feel you are being treated unfairly on the court such as fouls being called on you, just let it go.  You are better off earning respect than winning a temporary conflict.
  5. Integrate yourself with other players.  Talk to each other.  The game will fall into place much more easily.
  6. There is no middle ground in this league.  You either fit in or you don’t.  Our style of play is not for everyone, but many like it.
  7. Really try to understand basketball and the way it’s supposed to be played.  Run, pass, shoot.  Forget the aggressiveness.  It doesn’t belong in this league.
  8. Watch your illegal D.  Many women are playing far off their check and playing a “safety” type of of position.  It’s man to man.
  9. Aggressive driving in the key is out of the question. Unless you have a clear lane, look for some other team play.

Enjoy your week and see you next Sunday.  Biraj