Hello Everyone.  Great finish yesterday.  Here are the champs.  All the finals were well played, although the Div. 2 final was a bit testy.  Each team in the finals received a brand new Baden Elite basketball, with the winners getting the coveted respective league trophy, each of which has a lot of history to it, especially the Div. 1 trophy which has been in the league since inception.

Div. 1 – Congratulations to Purple Hyacks for their close win over Usual Suspects. G

Div. 2 – In a repeat of last season’s final, Hoosiers won over Patrick Chewing.  There won’t be repeats next season as both teams are moving up to Div. 1

Div. 3 – Congratulations to Butta who won over Regulators with a terrific 14 minute stretch where they seem to have outscored Regulators by about 20-0 after the game was tied around 41 apiece.   Both teams will move to Div. 2 next season.

In other key games and standings:

In Div. 2, Grizzlies and Chillax will move to Div. 3

Thanks to all the other teams that played their consolation finals

We’ve now come to the end of our Spring 2016 season.  It seemed like another great season, and we will now look forward to Fall 2016, although we will be starting our first summer league next week.

Before I sign off, there are a number of people to thank.

  1. Thanks to all the players that make this league work by playing within the rules, playing with spirit, and helping out wherever possible.  This is the vast majority of players.
  2. Thanks to Brian (Soft Tacos) for creating the web structures that allow me to weekly post the league information.
  3. Thanks to the veteran players in this league, some of whom have been here 15 years or more.  The names that come to mind are Brian (Blaze), Brian (Soft Tacos), Sean (Tenacious D), & Samantha (Lomas). Apologies if I have forgotten others.  There are many veterans that have played 10 or more years.
  4. Thanks always to Brian (Blaze) for contributing his refreshments and above all his commitment to the league
  5. Thanks to Corey for her commitment to our league social, which I couldn’t make this year as parenting is keeping me away from some things.  Corey is amazing with these socials.  She seems to pull them off against odds each time.
  6. Thanks to Jeff (Blaze) for lining up a great deal for me for the Baden Balls that players seem to enjoy.
  7. Thanks to the programmers at the three community centers for their continued support of this league.  Erik (Kerrisdale), Joe (Sunset), Grant (Kits)
  8. Thanks to the building supervisors at each center Aman, Enoch (Kerrisdale), Jay (Kits)

Thanks everyone.  Enjoy the summer, and I look forward to Fall 2016 registration sometime mid August.  Biraj