Just wanted to thank a number of people before we finish on Sunday. We’ve had another great season, and I was happy to be able to run the league even with my new little one – for a while I wasn’t sure that I would be able to. As with most successful events, people make the difference. Thanks to the following for their contribution to the league

1) All the captains – captains do a great job in keeping their respective teams together and doing their best to field teams each week. They play a key role in making this league successful
2) Brian Van Sickle (Soft Tacos) – for continuing to maintain the web structure. He’s been at this since we started scheduling on the web – about 15 years or so ago.
3) All the veteran players who really help stabilize the league. These players include Brian Hansford (Blaze) and team-mates, Brian Van Sickle, Sean Rupert (Abusement Park), Rhiana (Usual Suspects), Tiff (Nashty), Mary (Hoop-la), Tara (Rim Touchers), Christine and Sean (TD), and others
4) Thanks to Corey for organizing the league socials and for her contact with Donnelly Group for gift certificates
5) Thanks to the programmers and building supervisors at each center for their help and support through the season. I got great support this season, and I’d like to thank each one – Cathy, Sam, Luke, Jay,…. (Kits), Erik, Aman, David (Kerrisdale), Joe and Ashley (Sunset)
6) Thanks to the new teams for adjusting reasonably well to the league and bringing in more spirit.
7) Thanks to all the players who make this league work. There are many players in this league who are committed to basketball and this league. Some of them are veterans, but there are many new players. Many players have continued their participation in this league even after they’ve started a family. I never imagined that I’d be running a league with such longevity. It is this support for the league that continues to draw new players and stabilize this league.

Thanks everyone. Have a great summer. Biraj