Hello Everyone,

Great games on Sunday, but two defaults, one due to a NM (no monitor). We can’t have this, and we shouldn’t have this because we really need to ensure that there is always a game. This league is all about ensuring a game, so please make sure you do not default. I will go out of my way to find subs to help teams avoid defaults, but teams need to do their part. No issues with the bulk of the league, so this is mostly a reminder to the few teams that seem to be short players routinely, or the teams that have defaulted.

The games themselves are reasonably smooth as players are doing a good job with maintaining a good tone with foul calls and contests. Thanks to the players, mostly the captains. Also, great job with the monitoring. It’s really a pleasure to see good monitoring as it really helps support the quality of the games.

Cleanup:  Thanks to the players that helped cleanup at Kerrisdale on Sunday after the last game (mostly the Vertically Impaired players).  This was so helpful – thanks.  Thanks generally to all players that cleanup after their respective games.  So far, so good – thanks.

Kids: This is a topic that has come up several times over the years, and I need to remind captains and players again that kids cannot be playing in the gym while there is a game going on. The centers do not allow kids inside adult activity programs. However, the family aspect of the league is important as many of you are young parents, so with permission from the centers, I’ve allowed kids in the gym. But we have to have the right balance. Kids must be stationery, and there always must be an adult with the kids. Also, kids should not be pulling mats or other items to create “play areas”. If mats help kids remain stationery, that’s okay, but please put these back. Let’s make this work.

We are now at about the midway point in the playoffs. It’s still a bit early to identify the top teams in the “A” portion of each Division, but this should start revealing itself after next Sunday’s games. Some of the games are great to watch, and I think this round robin playoff structure may be the way to go for future seasons. I’d like to get some feedback over the next few weeks in preparation for the Fall 2014 season, where based on recent interest, we could see a jump in the number of teams and the addition of one more center.

Have a great week, and see you Sunday. Biraj