Not a smooth Sunday of bball.  A bunch of issues.  But we still managed to have many good games, so let’s just try and get all the games going well.  Comments as follows:

  1. Children – It’s okay to bring kids to the game, but please make sure they are stationary and with an adult.  Also, please make sure that kids do not sit on the bench.  They need to be behind the bench and far back from the play.  And please keep them off the court during the game.
  2. Cleanup – not great.  We each need to chip in more and clean up as a league.  Individuals here and there are doing the brunt of the cleanup, and often, when these individuals aren’t around, the cleanup falls apart.  Everyone needs to chip in.  At Kerrisdale, after the last game, players need to stop shooting around as I need to get the gym cleaned up and out of there.  I could use the help, which doesn’t seem to forthcoming these days, except for those few individuals who regularly help me out.
  3. No fitbits.  Absolutely not.  No jewelry or watches of any kind.
  4. Captains – some of you are not doing your partial role as representatives of the league.  Part of your responsibility is to be my league representative when I’m not around.  I’ve been getting many email complaints about issues, but it’s being left to me to resolve, and it’s very hard to do that when I wasn’t there to witness the situations.  I do want to hear about the complaints, but I also need to hear that the situation was resolved by the captains.  Captains really need to be much more mindful of infractions and cleanup issues.  One example yesterday, in my rare visit to Sunset, withing a  short time of my arrival, one of the players was happily dunking away and hanging from the rim.  I had to leave my little one from outside the gym and run and stop this player while the rest of the players and the captains were oblivious to the dunking – not all the players were there, but there were enough to stop this happy character.  This is one example of what I mean by captains being representatives of the league.  It should be 50/50 between representative of the league, and captain of the respective team.  We may need a captains meeting, but I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands.
  5. As much as there are multiple issues to deal with, many of the games are really well played.  We just need to corral those other teams and games that are being played outside the spirit of this league.
  6. Div. 1 playoff round robin is just around the corner.

Enjoy the week and next Sunday off, and see you the following Sunday.  Biraj