Hello Everyone

Games continue to go well.  The Div. 3 playoff round robin is well underway, and Div. 2 will begin their playoff round robin next week.   Div. 1 will continue with their second regular season round robin.

The Div. 2 playoff structure is set and can be seen on the Playoff page.  The schedule has been sent for posting, and Brian (webmaster) will post it as soon as he gets a chance.  For the Div. 2 playoffs, the Division has been divided into the top 6 teams and the bottom 6 teams.  The top 6 teams will play for the championship, and the bottom 6 teams will play to avoid relegation to Div. 3.  Please note the monitoring assignments.

The games themselves seem to be going very well, even with the often intense competition.  Players seem to be well aware of the rules, so there don’t seem to be major issues.  However, rosters continue to be a bit of an issue.  We must ensure good rosters, otherwise, the games get compromised.  Last Sunday, a couple of teams borrowed players from other teams.  We have to stop this, otherwise, it isn’t fair to the majority of teams who have managed their rosters very well – I have to commend these teams for carrying good game rosters – it’s probably the most important part of this league.  But sometimes, things happen, and in these cases, it’s best to contact me.

Thanks again to Phil and his Hospital Drunk team-mates for helping me cleanup at Kerrisdale.  Thanks also to the Regulators team for doing their part.

Enjoy the rest of the week and see you Sunday.  Biraj