Hello Everyone. We are now well past the half way mark of the season and in our final stretch. This season has been unlike any others because of Covid, however, we have been able to play our games and continue with our season thanks in large part to the community centers facilitating our league. For the most part, games have been going well, although I don’t see most of them. However, we’ve had some important issues with behaviour in some games, particularly in Div. 3. We have to adjust. This is a fun league, which provides an opportunity for players to go out and have a run. Sometimes, the play gets too competitive, and along with the competitiveness, a number of behaviour issues that are outside the scope of this league and the community center. Basically, to play in this league, you must abide by our rules and the spirit of this league. Any play outside our rules and spirit does not belong in this league. Players may be removed from the league without warning. Please keep this in mind. Every player in this league needs to play within our league and spirit. Often, there are players coming from refereed leagues who do not know how to manage themselves in this league. This league is not for them. This league has been in operation for about 30 years with the same spirit as when we started. Often, it takes time for new players to adjust, with some adjusting more easily than others. There are many veteran players in this league who understand this league very well and have kept the continuity of spirit. I thank them for their participation. So let’s get our play back on track, and captains, please do not hesitate to remove players that don’t fit in. Thanks. Biraj