Hi Everyone

All Divisions are now into playoffs.  Div. 1 will continue with their playoff round robins, while Divs 2 & 3 will start their playoffs next Sunday.  I’ve posted the latest scores and standings, so please review them quickly in case I have to adjust them.  With Div. 2, there is a large cluster of teams in the top with reasonably similar records, so with Div. 2, we will split the top 8 teams into two groups, and the winner of each group will play a final on 03 June.  The other teams will play consolation games until 27th May.  With Div. 3, we will proceed as planned and split the Division into three groups of four teams each, with only the top four teams playing for the championship.  Therefore, in each Group, there will be a semi final and a final.   I will post the schedule and format shortly.  The rationale for not doing a playoff with eight teams for Div. 3 is that, as mentioned, at the beginning of the season, the weight of the playoffs is on the regular season, and the plan all along had been to just do a semi and a final.  If the Div. 3 standings had been bunched similar to Div. 2, we could have split the top 8 teams into 2 Groups, and do something similar to Div. 2.  But I think this works best from scheduling and fairness.  Note that all teams will play until 27th May, and only the finals will occur on 03 June.  It’s a bit tricky with Div. 1 because it will depend on how the playoff round robin goes.  But for sure, the Div. 2 and 3 teams not in the finals will be finished on 27th May.  Hope all this works.  Thanks. Biraj

Please keep the league spirit in mind as you go through these playoffs.  This is a fun league, so please just enjoy yourselves and stay away from the intense competitive stuff, which can easily ruin a Sunday run.  Also, please ensure you check your monitoring.