Hello Everyone. We are now well underway into our Spring 2022 season. Games seem to be going pretty well. There are a few things we can improve, but overall, the games seemed to be going smoothly. Hopefully, the COVID situation continues to improve and we can then truly get back to normal. But good so far. Comments as follows:

  1. Please ensure teams have good rosters. Each team needs to carry at least 10 players, and considering the length of the season, it’s probably a good ideas to carry 12 to 14 players.
  2. No subs are allowed. Every player needs to be registered for the season.
  3. No spectators allowed – still. If you have any questions, please direct them to me.
  4. Please try to report scores directly after your games. Reporting responsibility lies on the monitors, but captains can report as well as sometimes there are delays with monitors or monitors forget to report.
  5. Please wear clearly dark shirts and white shirts. No grey or yellow shirts. Also, no accessories like baseball caps, fitbits, jewelry, necklaces, etc…

Please continue with the good basketball. Thanks. Biraj