Hello Everyone. Spring season is well underway. New teams are close to adjusting to this league and veteran teams have almost settled their rosters. Roster deadline is 11 March, after which there won’t be any more additions. Roster limit remains at 15. Games are getting smoother and smoother. As mentioned to the captains, one of the Div. 1 teams scored 157 points last week, which is a record for a 55 minute game – other team scored 92. The record for a 60 minute game is 200. In contrast, I saw a low score this week at 31 points – hopefully, no more scores like this. Average scores per Division are pretty close to seasonal averages with Div. 1 at about 82, Div. 2 at 72, and Div. 3 at 64. Enjoy the next few weeks as we don’t have any breaks until Easter, 12 April. Biraj