Hi Everyone.  The latest scores and standings are now posted.  As challenging as Mother’s Day is for league games, things worked out very well as almost all the games were played without default.  Div. 2 has now completed their regular season, so they will begin their playoffs next week.  All playoff matchups will be shown on the Playoffs page.  At the moment, only the Div. 2 playoff matchups are shown.  Notes for each Division are noted below:


  • 1 – Regular season continues until 29th May. Each team has two regular season games left.  As mentioned previously, we may change the last week of games to allow semi final matchups prior to the finals on 05 June.  The top 4 will play one set of semis, and the bottom 4 will play a separate set of consolation semis.  All teams will remain in Div. 1 for Fall 2016.


  • 2 – Please see final standings on Standings page. Please also see the quarter final matchups on Playoffs page.  Quarter final losers will move to the Consolation round.  Note that all teams will continue to play until the 29th of May regardless of whether you win or lose.  Only the finalists (both Divisional and Consolation) will play on 05 June.  The bottom four teams will play a round robin with the bottom two teams moving down to Div. 3.  We could have done a semi and left it that, however, to get a fair assessment of which teams should go down to Div. 3, I thought it would be better to do a round robin.


  • 3 – Regular season will continue until next week, 15th May. Semi finals will go on 29th May.  Teams 1 to 4 will play for the league championship.  Teams 5 to 8 will form “B Pool”, and teams 9 to 12 will from “C Pool”.  All teams will play on 29th May except for the 13th place team.  The season will end for the 13th place team on 15th May, although these players can sub onto any team for the rest of the playoffs if necessary.  Pool finalists will play on 05 June, however, I’m not sure about the consolation matchups as this will depend on league finals scheduling.  Biraj