Hello Everyone. We have now come to the end of our Spring 2019 season. The scores have been updated. Congratulations to everyone for playing, especially the Divisional winners and finalists. The Div. 2 final last night was a terrific game with Tenacious D winning a close one over Titans. The game came down to the Titans getting 5 seconds (5 second rule) to try to tie the game down 3 points – no luck – TD won the game. It is interesting to note that TD has been a long time Div. 3 team that has worked their way up Div. 2, and has now won Div. 2. They may go to Div. 1 next season. In Div. 1, Lomas won the double round robin with Fusion the runners up. And as mentioned, last week, Pho Real won the Div. 3 championships over KevNFriends.

It’s been a great season with a good group of teams. I need to thank a number of people so I will list them below:

  1. Brian from Dragons for helping me with the website and being a perennial dedicated supporter of this league
  2. All the captains for keeping their teams together and playing within our unique rules. Thanks especially to the veteran captains and teams for helping the newcomers along
  3. Thanks to all three community centers for facilitating this league. The programmers (Eric – Kits, Mawi – Sunset, Hardeep – Kerrisdale), the front desk staff at each center, and the building supervisors and first aid staff at each center. Many thanks.

We now move forward and start planning for the Fall 2019. But before that, there are the Raptors. This team has done amazing for themselves and for everyone. Hope they can pull it off tonight.

Registration for the Fall 2019 season will start in August. The process will be the same as usual, however, the number of spots will be fixed at 32, unlike in past seasons where I was able to accommodate any extra teams up to 34. The demand for basketball is growing, which is great, and I will try my best to accommodate as much basketball as I can in this league. Have a great summer and thanks. Biraj