Hello Everyone.  We are steadily proceeding through our season with reasonably good games.  Notes as follows:

  1. Although games are good, some of the on court play is a bit rough for an open, running style league.  Please open up the games a bit more.  The play is a bit rough particularly in the post with the guys.  Sometimes, there is some serious one on one bumping, which is out of the spirit of this league.  Generally, our style should be running, passing, and shooting with fairly high scores.  The Div. 1 scores are up where they normally are, but the Div. 2 scores are way down by almost an average of 10 points.  Div. 3 scores are pretty good. Also, there should be no discussion with fouls/contests.  It’s simple — you only need to use the words foul and contest, and just move on.  Only the players involved in the foul should be calling “foul” or “contest”.  Fouls and contests are a part of our game, and there is no limit to the number of fouls called or contests.  But ofcourse, the recorded fouls do start penalizing teams at 12 and so on.  The key thing is to make sure you maintain spirit and flow.
  2. Rosters seem pretty good, but some teams are barely fielding 5 players.  You must bring more players.
  3. Monitoring is terrific.  I have to commend all the players who have monitored as they’ve done a great job.
  4. We’re now past the half way mark and into the home stretch.  Div. 1 has started their second round robin, and Divs. 2 and 3 are continuing with their respective round robins.
  5. For the playoffs, top two teams in Div. 1 will play the final – we’ll see if we can fit in a semi depending on timing; top 8 teams in Div. 2 will play an 8 team bracket playoff, while the bottom four will play to see who goes to Div. 3 for the Fall; and for Div. 3, the top 4 teams will do a semi and final for the championship, while the remaining teams will play for final standings
  6. Please continue to enjoy the games and see you next Sunday.  Biraj