Hi Everyone.  We’re now a few weeks into the season, and the new teams and new players have had time to adjust to the design of this league.  The games themselves seem pretty competitive at all levels, which is okay, as long as we manage them well and maintain a friendliness and good spirit.  A few of the games have gotten out of hand, particularly a couple of Div. 3 games I’ve watched.  The captains themselves are doing a great job, but they have to control their players better .  But generally, it’s great to see the energy and interest in the games.  There are some house rules, however, we need to pay attention to, both veterans and new players:
1) Absolutely no bouncing, dribbling,  or any type of activity with basketballs on the sidelines.  The idea is that you respect the game on the court in the same way that your game will be respected by other players.  Div. 1 players seem to be the worst culprits as I’m not able to get to Sunset to babysit this group.
2) Grey/yellow shirts.  Again, captains, you need to get your players to wear a dark shirt or a white shirt — no greys are yellows.  I pull players off when I see this, and sometimes I get pushback, which ofcourse doesn’t work with me. Captains, you need to do the same.   I can’t get to every game.
3) Cleanup.  – Please continue to do a good job.  The veteran teams, particularly at Kerrisdale and Kits, have been very good, which is great to see.
4) No jewelry, watches, fitbits, activity monitors, etc.. All of these items are hazardous during a game.

5) Lastly – thanks to the last teams at Kerrisdale and Kits for your help in cleanup.  It helps a lot.