Hi Everyone,

As in the past, all games are on this Sunday, 14 May, Mother’s Day.  However, no defaults will be applied – only wins and losses.  But please ensure you show up for monitoring as the penalties for monitoring no shows still apply.  It’s hard to skip Mother’s Day because we skip Superbowl Sunday.  Next year, we could look at running half the games on Superbowl Sunday and the other half for that week’s schedule on Mother’s Day — sort of like a lottery as to which teams would be affected.

Message sent to captains this week  — There are a few issues I wanted to deal with before the next games.  Please make sure you communicate these to your players.

  1. I had a complaint about back court picks from a veteran captain.  Please note that we do not allow back court picks.  These kind of picks are not picks, but rather they “pick off” players.  These “pick offs” are dangerous, and they are not allowed in this league.  Often, the discrepancies in size and speed of players is potential for serious injuries or any kind of injury.  Sometimes, players refer to these “pick offs” as screens.  This may be the proper basketball term for these things, but whatever the term, they are not allowed in this league in the backcourt.  They are even dangerous above the 3 point line where size and speed are more of an issue than closer to the hoop.  Captains, please make sure your players understand.
  2. Please do not kick the basketball.  There are no warnings.  This an automatic ejection from the game or more games.
  3. At Kits, please make sure you use the south end bench area as your bench.  Almost always, teams are sitting too close to the scorer and halfcourt.  You can’t sub properly unless your bench is clearly deep in your defensive end.
  4. Some players are continuing to sportscar/muscle their way to the hoop looking for a foul.  In this league, these situations are too complicated, so unless you have a clear lane, wait for a better opportunity.  If a player doesn’t seem to get it, the player will be pulled off.
  5. Keep your hands to yourself on defense.
  6. Under age players – please absolutely do not bring underage players.  Teams will be ejected from the league if they use underage players.  League minimum age is 19.  Going to be 19 doesn’t count.  Also, please realize that since this is a self regulated league, a level of maturity is required to play in this league, which sometimes is age independent, suggesting that maybe we need a “maturity cutoff”?

Playoff Update

Div. 1 will go into their semis next week with the 12 teams divided into 3 Pools, 1A, 1B, and 1C.  There will be a semi in each Pool and a final on 28th May with all teams playing 28th May.

Div. 2A will continue with their playoff round robin.  Aim is to decide on the two finalists be 28th May.

Div. 2B may go into semis and finals starting next week as the two teams that will go to Div. 3 has already been decided.

Div. 3 will play their last round robin game next week and will go into playoffs on 28th May

Have a great week and see you next Sunday. Biraj