Hi Everyone.  A quick update.  Many of the games are going very well, and they are certainly competitive.  However, please continue to develop the friendliness of the games.  It will really help the games, and you will enjoy the games more.   Please try to get to know your opponents, and captains should certainly know each other.  Recently, we’ve had a couple of defaults, which isn’t good.  Please remember that teams no shows are fined $50.  We have a long season, so it can be a challenge at times to field teams, but we’ve all committed to this, and we must follow through on our commitment.  We’re four games away from playoffs, and I will finalize the playoff format shortly.  In the meantime, enjoy the Raptors in their playoff run.  Best to wishes to the folks at Humboldt.  Have a great week, and see you on Sunday.  Biraj