Great games continue.  We made it through Mother’s Day with most games being played without having to borrow from other teams – I got myself a short run in as well. although I’m much too old for this.  Thanks to the monitors who continue to do a good job with monitoring duties.  With regards to playoffs, we’re rapidly approaching completion of the round robins, which will determine the finalists in each Division and also which teams from Div. 1 and 2 will move down.  We may know some of this info after the 24th May games.  No real issues with the games, so let’s just keep going.

Thanks to Corey again for pulling the social together.  The effort that she puts in is amazing, and I hope players respond and come to the event.  These socials are great opportunities to meet other players in the league, particularly players from other Divisions.  It’s also a great opportunity to get to know a bit of the history of the league, and there’s much to the story.  A few players have hung in there pretty much the full 20 years we’ve been in operation.  Thanks for keeping the league going, and see you in a couple of weeks.  Biraj