Hi Everyone. Welcome back, and Happy New Year! We had a good start to the new year with some very good games. The Tenacious D/Contesters game at Kerrisdale was really smooth, and couple of other games at Kerrisdale as well. The final game at Kits between Los Locos and Patrick Chewing was competitive and really well handled by the players. One issue came up with the 5 second rule, which I’d like to change, and that is that if the defensive team gets possession with less than 5 second left, an automatic timeout is called and the team will get frontcourt possession with 5 seconds on the clock. We will discuss this at the meeting this coming Sunday. Regarding the meeting, I’ve sent an invite to all the captains to come to a league meeting at Kerrisdale this Sunday (Rm. 222) from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm (at the latest). This meeting is open to everyone, and it’s important we get a broad turnout, otherwise, we’re going be on different pages with the rules.

Regarding playoffs:

Div. 1 regular season continues with the last regular season game next. The double round robin seems to have worked, but I wouldn’t mind a bit more feedback from the Div. 1 players. Div. 1 playoffs will go right into semi finals on 24th January, although all teams will continue to play until 31st January.

Div. 2 will continue with their playoff round robins until 31st January with the finals either on 07th Feb. or 14th Feb. The top two teams in Pool 2A1 will play for the championships, and the bottom two teams in Pool 2A2 will move down to Div. 3

DIv. 3. – The top 2 teams in Division 3A and Division 3B will play semis on 24th January with the finals on 31st January. All teams will continue to play until 31st January.
Registration for Spring 2016

Please try and get registered as soon as possible. I’m hoping to start some regular season games on 14th February.

Have a great week. Biraj